Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camellias ... the glory of Winter

Who would ever imagine a camellia as majestic as this old sasanqua grown to espoliar on the old brick wall which gives a beautiful view from the side of this old mansion in Buckhead. A wonderful part of Atlanta where Precision Pruning is located.

I love the Camellias in Atlanta. The bloom season begins in November or December with the Sasanqua varieties. They are my favorite since not much else blooms at that time of the year. The sun doesn't bother them, can be grown in shade as well. Espolier on a wall or trellis. Some are short and wide, others are tall and majestic. Reds, pinks, whites are the main colors.

The Japonicas are a lot of fun as the mid and late winter move toward spring time. Variety after variety produce shows of blooms with many different types of flowers, from single 'rose' like blooms to 'double' varieties with so much color they
almost glow in the dark.

Prune carefully after they have finished flowering. Not because of damaging the plant, but because blooms will set on new growth off of old wood. The camellia can handle rejuvenation if needed, but I would prefer to see a camellia planted in a site where it has the freedom to grow as it was meant to grow depending on the variety.

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