Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Atlanta Photo Pruning Journal

Hi, my name is Rob Browder. I am the owner of a Shrubery Pruning company in Atlanta, Georgia. Precision Pruning started under the name Trimscapes in 1987, when I saw the need for proper natural style hand pruning for homeowners and businesses. There were not any companies at that time specializing in quality pruning, so I set a goal to fill the need for this unique area in the landscaping arena for Atlanta and surrounding areas.

A few landscape companies were pruning by hand, but most were shearing as a "fast in fast out" way to maintain their accounts. I was trained by an expert pruner while I worked at Chemlawn, then he left the company and I took the pruning division over and ran it for a while. I later worked for the Dunwoody Country Club, and started my business on the side.

After working for myself as a full service landscaper, with a goal to prune exclusively, I started dropping services which kept me too busy to prune, and built my client base of accounts which needed me to prune properly. Over time my business became Precision Pruning, and proper pruning became our sole service.

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I can be contacted in the office @ 770-452-7121 or 770-822-0457 or 404-285-4696