Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boxwood Pruning in March 2009

A few notes on Boxwood pruning as we move into the growing season. Boxwood will grow fast this month. I never recommend shearing, though there is a place for it. The formal English/European Boxwood garden have both hand pruned and sheared hedges.

Personally, I don't like the sheared look because of the damage caused to the leaves, and the grayish cut edges later. After a while, the edges will look hazy, which is not the best look for the shrub or hedge. So I recommend hand pruning.

It isn't hard to hand prune, with a little knowledge, and a lot of patience. The time needed to properly prune boxwood usually detour landscapers from cutting by hand, but the benefits are great. The size of the hedge of shrub is maintained easier by hand pruning, and dead wood is minimal. The plant lives longer, has less die out, stays more natural looking, has inner growth, and doesn't have the haze caused by shearing.

Deep cuts are needed to space out growth maintaining a natural appearance and the overall affect is beautiful.

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